I don’t do this often enough.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat,” here’s something I never seem to do anymore. I have a kayak; I know there are rivers and lakes around here, and yet my kayak has been used more often as a container in which to carry my belongings on top of my car than as an actual boat in the past few years. It makes a really good car-top container, but it’s a lot more fun as a boat.

So here’s a picture from several years ago, on the Econfina Creek in northwest Florida. There are actually two rivers called Econfina in northwest Florida, and they are not connected. This is the one north of Panama City. It’s a beautiful little river, overhung with greenery and fed by deep, clear springs that keep it cool. If you ever get the chance to canoe down it, do so — and stop and swim in the springs on the way.

Everybody has something they enjoy but somehow never get around to doing, right? What’s yours?

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11 thoughts on “I don’t do this often enough.”

  1. Ready for this? I like to fly fish! I’m not very good but I love it! And actually, I don’t really care all that much if I don’t catch anything. I love the motion of casting the rod and watching the line sail out and snap. And of course we hardly get to go. 😦


    1. Oh, nice one! I’ve never been fly fishing, but I think I’d have the same attitude about it. I feel that way about rock climbing — I’m terrible at it, but I think it’s good to have a hobby where there is no pressure for you to improve.

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  2. For me it would be downhill skiing – it’s been ages – and horseback riding , can’t even remember the last time I went . And time is ticking away (and now I remembered Time by Pink Floyd and have to go and listen to it as I’m already singing it to myself)
    Turtle Hugs and remember to Treat yourself more often 🙂


  3. I like to hike, and am making efforts to change the fact that I hardly ever do it. I’ve always wanted to take up kayaking though. I hope you get more opportunities to do it in the future!

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