Patterson Hall

This week’s photo challenge was “Grid,” and it took me all week to find this one in the windows of Patterson Hall at North Carolina State University.

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  1. Beth, I wonder if you could advise me. I do have a gecko in my basement. I had one or two last year and that was ok with me because they were in the second room which is basically storage space for the kids stuff and books, and where the dryer is, and they didn t bother me much or I them. But now this sweetie is in my space, where i read, write and sometimes nap, and she is right above my head, as the ceiling is very low. I’m becoming really uncomfortable about her, but I don’t want to scare or disturb the poor thing , as I believe they help us by eating mosquitoes and such. Do you know of a safe way to encourage her to move to the other room??? Hope it is ok with you that I contact you like this, if not I am sorry, please let me know , I understand and will not do it again 🙂 Turtle Hugs

    No dia sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2015, Overlooked Nature escreveu: > Bethany Harvey posted: ” This week’s photo challenge was “Grid,” and it took me all week to find this one in the windows of Patterson Hall at North Carolina State University.” >

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    1. Hi! No problem, I like comments! I am not sure how to convince a gecko to leave a room. Is there a water source they’re using there? If so, maybe remove it and put water somewhere else to lure them out?

      That is completely a wild guess; I have never tried to remove geckos from my house (I’m going to have either them or spiders on the ceiling, and I prefer the geckos.)


      1. Thank you so much Beth for replying! I don’t think I have any water source down there (I’m the one who can even kill cactus by forgetting to water plants 😉 )…will try your suggestion and put a little water on the second room, maybe she will move there 🙂 Thank you

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        1. That is true! No insects there, and I really wouldn’t mind her being there if she weren’t so close to me and me having this crazy fear she will fall on my head. (I refer to her, because in portuguese they are called “osga” which is a feminine name ) 🙂
          Thank you again 🙂


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