Dropped Connection

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge “Connected,” here’s a footbridge that used to connect the banks of a stream. Well, technically it still does, but you probably wouldn’t want to cross it.

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Bethany Harvey

I’m a biologist, writer, GIS nerd, and occasional wildland firefighter living in North Carolina. The many hobbies I enjoy but am bad at include photography, rock climbing, knitting, and orienteering. I also write tabletop RPGs, which you can find at https://bethanyharvey.itch.io. You can find me yelling about politics, gaming, and writing on Twitter (@bethanyharvey) or about under-appreciated wildlife at OverlookedNature.com.

3 thoughts on “Dropped Connection”

  1. If this was a New Zealand scene, I’d assume you wouldn’t want to cross it because there’d be a nearby geyser which would go off and boil you alive. I assume that, because it’s the US, there’s something with sharp teeth/fangs lurking. Or is it the entrance to the president of the NRA?

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