Extremely well-camouflaged common nighthawk eggs, blending in with the soil.

My blog! It has a name!

As promised by the old tagline, this thing finally has a real name. After writing my introduction post, it was staring me right in the face, and, amazingly, the URL was available. So, henceforth, this site shall be known as Overlooked Nature, and will be located at overlookednature.com.

I almost made it Overlooked Wildlife, but there’s already a book with that title, and “wildlife” usually implies animals. I want to post plants, too. And rocks. And random interesting things that happened to catch my eye. If it’s found outdoors, and I know something about it or can find out something, it’s fair game. I figured “Nature” was a better fit even though it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as nicely.

And because this is primarily a photo blog, above (or below, or somewhere on the page, depending on the theme and device you’re using) is a very easy-to-overlook bit of nature: the eggs of the common nighthawk. You have no idea how many times I almost stepped on one!

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Ethan Harvey

You can find my games at https://ethanharvey.itch.io, and I occasionally blog about under-appreciated wildlife at OverlookedNature.com.

8 thoughts on “My blog! It has a name!”

  1. Hey Bethany. Well done for finding the exact name you wanted. I wanted country garden(s) but that domain wan’t available. I chose CountryGardenUK instead – I’m based in the UK and write about English country gardens and wildlife so I guess it works for now. Good to meet you!

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  2. Great name – when we are in the Algarve I love observing and then sharing via my Algarvian blog photos of the flora and fauna especially the ‘overlooked’ ones in the verges.

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  3. love it! I am always seeing those things that others don’t. I am looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes


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